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Hiking Boots

Hiking Boot Repairs

We can resole most hiking boots, even many of the ones with molded soles! We have an excellent selection of replacement sole styles available, one of them is bound to suit your specific needs. The basic price starts at $59.95 and goes up, depending on how your boots are made and which sole you choose. We frequently see a very popular brand of hiking boot in our shop that our customers think can't be resoled, the Asolo. We can restore most of these expensive boots for only $89.99! Check out the before and after pictures below. Let us show you how good YOUR boots can look again!

(Until I can get time to post a separate work order form for this page, please use the one on the bottom of the motorcycle boot  page. The sole price will be appropriately adjusted when we call to discuss your boots.)

April 2003 Testimonial from Fred Ziglar,
(President of Honda Sport Touring Association)

"My BMW Goretex boots have served me well over many miles and years. They are so comfortable and warm that I think of them as 'old friends' and just wouldn’t leave home without them. Unfortunately, they had become almost 'soleless' and I hated the thought of parting with these good 'old friends'. Randy told me, “I think you wore these about one mile too far”, but in spite of that he was able to save them. Needless to say, he has by far, exceeded my expectations and I am extremely grateful."


Before Hiking Boot Repair

Before Resoling

After Hiking Boot Repair

After Resoling