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Your Privacy Is Important To Us!

Most of us are concerned about privacy issues these days since identity theft is at an all time high. For your safety and convenience, after we discuss your work with you, we will bill you through PayPal. You can securely pay with your credit card knowing only PayPal has access to your financial information. Using PayPal also allows us to provide super-fast shipping of your completed work.

We also understand how you feel about your personal information on our work order forms, (name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, etc.). The form you filled out will be packed with your completed work and returned to you. We record only the information that will help us to be of better service to you, our valued customer...your name, contact information, and a listing of the work we performed for you. Please be assured, we will not sell, share, or even show this information to another party.