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Art by RYAN

This piece has been titled "Al E. Gator" and is approximately 12 inches tall and 36 inches long.  Original (not print) selling for $35 including shipping.

It is being stored in an archival plastic sleeve. Due to its size, it will be shipped rolled in a cardboard tube to protect it from damage.

(Due to camera lens and computer screen color depiction, there may be some slight differences in the coloration of the actual item.)

This piece is titled "Baby Blue" and is a blue whale drawn with oil pastels on an 8 inch by 10 inch stretched canvas wrapped around a wooden frame. The camera distorted the background color which is actually bright white. You also can't see the faint water 'spout' coming from the whale's blow hole.  Selling for $16.50 including shipping, it will come in an envelope sandwiched between cardboard sheets to protect it from damage. The numbered limited edition Wall Art, Tee Shirts, Pillows, and Throw Blankets from this piece are available on www.curioos.com/RyanVanGogh  AND, there is a better picture on that site showing the correct color of this piece, (before the artist signed the original for sale here).

This piece is titled simply, "Raccoon".  It is drawn on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of cardstock with graphite, colored pencil and marker. It would be precious framed and hung in a child's room decorated with a woodsy theme. This original is selling for $16.50 including shipping. It will be sent sandwiched in between sheets of cardboard to prevent the mail service from folding or damaging it. The numbered limited edition Wall Art, Tee Shirts, Pillows, and Throw Blankets from this piece are available at www.curioos.com/RyanVanGogh 

I hope to eventually have a large photo gallery on here of some of the best of Ryan's original pieces he is selling. They will differ very slightly from the pieces available in the art stores in that they will not have been touched up digitally and will be truly unique, one of a kind art. Ryan produces 10 to 40 pieces a day and it is impossible to even think about keeping ALL those originals! Besides, art doesn't belong in a file, it belongs on someone's wall, being enjoyed by as many people as possible. Displaying Ryan's art spreads joy to others, as he intended for it to do.

To see "Al E. Gator" on products for sale, plus over 400 additional pieces of Ryan's art, go to:    www.society6.com/RyanVanGogh

(I do want to caution you that this is a site for professional artists and if you stray off Ryan's part of the site there are artists that publish pieces we Christians consider to be quite objectionable.)  As far as I know, Ryan is the only child on this site, but I felt his work needed the same exposure given to older professionals. He currently has 171 followers, (with the number continuing to steadily increase), some of his followers are very accomplished professional artists with thousands of followers of their own.

The second store is slowly growing, (as I have time), and features even more products with his art, go to:   www.zazzle.com/Art_By_Ryan 

This store is my plan to provide for Ryan’s future income, and allow him to continue to do what makes him happy, creating art that makes people smile. As with the other two sites, he gets a small royalty for selling something with his art on it. But Zazzle has many more choices of items I can place his art on, so the income potential for him is almost limitless! I just have to put in the hours to stock the store.

If there is a particular piece of art you really like, and would like to see it on a Zazzle item, just let me know. I can try to create it, then sent you a link so you can purchase it. Please know though, that some pieces just won't work on certain products. 

Ryan's third store features LIMITED EDITION art pieces not found on the other two sites. Go to:   www.curioos.com/RyanVanGogh 

This is the newest site we display his art on, and artists require an invitation by a curator to even join. We were quite surprised and rather elated to be asked! They cater to the upper class art connoisseur that prefers to purchase limited edition items. As such, the pieces Ryan has on here are found ONLY on here and they represent the very BEST of Ryan‘s latest works. (I have not explored the site enough to know what else is on it, just know that there may be objectionable material by other artists as I cautioned previously.)